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Welcome! I am no longer allowing comments on Creative Dreamers because I've been swamped with spam! However...

  • Feel free to subscribe to find out when I've added content! Click on "subscribe."
  • I will never sell your email address or send you spam. (Wordpress may send something to your email address, so you might want to use one you don't mind getting email on.)

To submit a dream for interpretation:

  • Dreams are important, personal, and deserve to be met with knowledge and sensitivity. This is a site meant to educate the public about what dreams mean, according to psychological research and practice. It is not a "dream dictionary" site, made up by a so-called "dream expert." Unfortunately, dream symbol dictionaries are worthless.
  • To submit your dream, visit the Creative Dreamers blog, and on the right side of the page, click on 'Submit a Dream Here.'
  • OR, just click here, now.
  • Type in your dream, including your gender and age, using the instructions below (used in research studies about dreams).
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know and I won't include your name in my comments about your dream to be posted on the blog.
  • Short dreams are typically free of charge (10 lines or so).
  • Because I have a busy private practice, my time is limited. I therefore do charge for interpreting longer or very compicated dreams. My rate is $30 for each 15 minutes; I will email you a quote before interpreting the dream, so you can decide if you want me to interpret it. Please see my credentials at the bottom of the page, or throughout the other pages of this website.

Dream recording instructions:

  • Please describe the dream exactly and as fully as you remember it.
  • Your report should contain, whenever possible:
    • a description of the setting of the dream, whether it was familiar to you or not;
    • a description of the people, their sex, age, relationship to you;
    • and a description of any animals that appeared in the dream.
  • If possible, describe your feelings during the dream, and whether it was pleasant or unpleasant.
  • Be sure to tell exactly what happened during the dream to you and the other characters.



The information on this site is provided as a public service, to inform you about mental health topics. It is in no way meant to substitute for a visit to your mental health professional or physician.


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