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Greetings, creative dreamers! For the last while, I’ve been busy with my private practice, finishing up my long teaching career in psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz, giving talks, making art, traveling into the wilderness, spending time … Continue reading

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Will it Work?

It’s hot one day, raining the next, seeds sprout, flowers bloom, then are tipped by late frost.  Our dreams stop-and-start, shake us awake, soothe us with beauty. It must be spring!  Time to tuck in with a pot of Laduree tea* … Continue reading

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Creative Illumination

Here it is, almost summer again.  Everyone seems to be atwitter (so to speak) with activity: preparing, planting, tending gardens inner and outer.  Incubation has ended. Birds feed their chicks, flying in flocks, chirping and calling to one another.  We’ve arrived at … Continue reading

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Leaping, falling, leaping again

With winter’s arrival, comes introspection. This is a dark, inward season, when our bodies slow down, our pets sleep a lot, and our energy quiets. When we think of artists, we imagine them in the act of creating something. But … Continue reading

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