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I envision this as a place where people from all over can visit, have a cup of tea, and explore their dreams…

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Over three decades, I’ve heard so many dreams, each one of them as unique as the dreamer, and each a potential door  into the unknown territory of the self. So many dreamers have emailed, asking questions, or just wanting to share a recent, troubling, funny, or perplexing dream, which  left me seeking a place to share what I’ve learned, in hopes of helping those from far and wide I can’t meet personally!

Dreams are the one unifying experience we all have, on average 5 times per night, no matter who we are or where we live, and whether we remember them or not. In our dreams, we are each creative — we create an entire world out of nothing but our minds, our memories, and our own creative spirit. We make movies, instantaneously–tens of thousands of them–throughout our lives. We make up the characters, create the setting, develop the plot; we are the director, the producer, the casting agent, and the set builder. Even when we dream of people we know or places we’ve been, they are never exactly as they are in real life. In dreams, we are always recreating our waking life experience, imposing ourselves on it, revealing our conceptions about the world, others, ourselves.

We are all creative in our dreams.

I’m glad you dropped by for a cup of your favorite beverage (Vosges’ Parisienne hot cocoa is what I’m drinking at the moment).  Have a lovely day, and sweet dreams…

About Veronica Tonay

International dream expert, Dr. Veronica Tonay, earned her masters and doctoral degrees in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley in the early 1990s. She has been a licensed psychologist in private practice since 1997 (CA PSY 15379), and has taught psychology courses to undergraduates at the University of California at Santa Cruz since 1989.  Her work has been featured for over 25 years in many media outlets, such as Psychology Today, NPR Public Radio, abcnews.com, and The Chicago Tribune. Dr. Tonay was featured dream expert on the Discovery Health TV Channel's 3-episode miniseries, Dream Decoders. She has organized several dream conferences for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and has published journal articles and three books, including: "The Creative Dreamer, Revised: Using Your Dreams to Unlock Your Creativity" (Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts) and "Every Dream Interpreted," published in London by Collins & Brown.  She lives with her husband, Steven, in Santa Cruz, California, gardening, painting, writing, dancing, and dreaming.
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